Welcome To Extraction4Homes!

Extraction4Homes was formed in 2013 to help home owners with defective Cavity Wall insulation, offering full support to help rectify the problem.

From the initial technical surveys to arranging extraction of the faulty cavity wall insulation, Extraction4Homes is here to help!

Cavity wall insulation in many cases works very well helping to reduce energy bills and increase the thermal comfort of properties, however from time to time issues do arise and that is where we step in!

Extraction4Homes helps investigate the following cavity wall insulation issues:

  • Ingress Water Damage (Due to Flood or Fire)
  • Rubble Clearance ( Bridging of cavity)
  • Underfloor or  room Ventilation (Un-sleeved or silicon closer)
  • Cold Bridging (Un-insulated areas of walls)
  • Voids within insulation (incorrectly installed) Thermal camera report
  • Wall tie corrosion
  • Fabrication of Building  (Brick and Block – Timber frame – Steel frame)
  • Damp proof course (DPC Levels)
  • Ghosting (Mortar joints showing on the inner leaf)
  • Condensation and damp following insulation installed
  • Condensation and damp after Extraction
  • Remedial works (guttering and downpipes)
  • Pointing of mortar Joints
  • Finlock concrete Gutters  (Not lined)
  • Rodents (Rats & Mice)
  • True flues built within the cavity
  • Types of system designs installed and the life span of product
  • New Owner property report

The first step we always take is to contact CIGA, the cavity insulation guarantee agency. This organisation was set up to help protect consumers from defective cavity wall insulation. If your property does have the CIGA guarantee then the organisation should help sort out defective insulation either by getting the original installer to remove the faulty insulation or paying for another extraction company to remove it.

Unfortunately the CIGA guarantee is not 100% foolproof, and so in some cases the case will be reverted back over to us.

If the case is reverted back to us, or there was no CIGA guarantee in the first place then we will produce a quote for the extraction works.

A full case study and project plan is produced prior to any remedial work being carried out, so you know exactly what to expect in terms of the process, timescales and costs associated with the extraction work before anything starts.

If you are happy with the project plan and the quote for the works we would then get on with the extraction process.

If you are interested in getting your cavity wall insulation extracted, start by filling in the form on the right.