Thermal Imaging Technology

Using Thermal Imaging Technology, Extract4Homes can identify voids within cavity walls after retrofit installation of insulation. This may provide evidence in cases of  incorrect installation or breakdown of older types of material (such as formaldehyde foam). Many companies are very quick in offering their services to extract defective materials at a high cost

So we need to look at all possible options regarding CWI problems before looking into extraction process

Cold Spots

Many householders suffer from cold spots appearing on the internal leaf of their property, after blown insulation has been injected. Using a thermal imaging camera, we are able to detect voids within the insulation without removing external bricks. As this is a non-intrusive survey, it does not affect any guarantees held with the property.

Taken with SM-N9005, Android 5.0

The thermal picture above shows a cold area within the wall we surveyed using the thermal camera on the internal leaf  – and a void within the insulation. Leaving a black residue to the inner wall in a form of a circle – we refer this to cold bridging within the trade.

This could be caused for many reasons:

1. The injection point has not been filled with insulation.

2. There is bridging of the cavity (rubble within the wall) that prevents the insulation filling the area.

3. The drilling pattern is incorrect – the system design set by the manufacturer of the product installed has not been followed. An example drilling pattern is shown below:


4. The insulation material is the wrong size for the cavity width.

5. Building alterations have been made after installation (for instance new windows or door), causing the insulation to collapse.


Further investigation using a borescope camera was conducted via the company which originally installed the insulation. A void within the insulation was found to be causing the problem.  The affected wall area was then re-blown, filling the unfilled cavity. The customer had three quotations for the removal of the insulation – all over the 2.5k which was not required with this case.

A thermal survey identified a small void within the insulation, which was easily rectified, saving the customer thousands of pounds.

So which steps should you follow to resolve a CWI problem ?

Contact the insulation company with your concerns – this should be followed up with a site visit.

If you are unsuccessful with the insulation company or the company no longer trades, contact the guarantee agency.

A thermal survey can save thousands of pounds by saving you the cost of extraction. Cold bridging can rectified at very little cost, leaving you with a energy efficient property to enjoy.

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